Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting companies in New Hampshire are rare. Home night lighting Landscape Lighting Portsmouth is very popular in the warmer climates. Why not here?

Professional landscape lighting is not purchased at a home center. If you want a lighting system that will last, do not buy from your local home improvement store. They use thinner grades of aluminum alloys in their fixtures that fade and break after a few years.

Transformers in a low voltage system step down the voltage from 120 volts to 12 volts.  A professionally designed system has consistent voltage to all the fixtures which extends the life of the lamp to its maximum potential. Landscape lighting systems that are not properly planned  result in dim, yellow lights that burn out quickly.Landscape Lighting solar lights

Landscape lighting starts with a plan. We always perform a site survey before designing a lighting system. Aesthetically, we want a consistent blend of ambient light, not “hotspots” and “black holes.” Once we have determined the main features of the landscape for night lighting, we then calculate the correct size transformer needed to provide consistent voltage for long lamp life.

What about winter? A question most homeowners in New Hampshire ask regarding a night lighting system is, “do I have to shut it off in the wintertime?” The answer is “absolutely not!” The heat of the lamp inside the fixture melts the snow around it, creating a rather nice soft light effect.

Landscape Lighting