Lawn Irrigation

There is much to be said about having a beautiful landscape with thick green turf and healthy plants. It’s what every homeowner wants, right? It may surprise you, but the most portsmouth-nh-sprinkler-headimportant part of a beautiful landscape is the part that doesn’t show. The irrigation system is that part.   Having an automatic lawn irrigation system installed can double the growth of your trees and shrubs and ensure your lawn stays green all summer even through the hot days of August.

Irrigation systems conserve water. The opposite may seem to be true, but consider this: by the time your lawn turns brown, it’s too late to recover the moisture that has been lost. You will need to apply more water with a sprinkler and hose to restore the moisture to soil that has already dried out. Daily watering from an automatic sprinkler system keeps the moisture level even throughout the summer months. The irrigation systems we install have water-smart technology, multi-stage digital timers, and rain sensors that shut the system off when enough rain has fallen to provide adequate moisture to your lawn.

Irrigation systems are also not just for grass.  We are all familiar with rotors that pop up from a lawn and spray water. But did you know that your automatic irrigation system can be set up to water your trees, shrubs and flowers as well?  We can set up a separate drip irrigation zone to deliver water to your trees, shrubs, and flowers. These zones have different pressure requirements and runtimes, Do you like to plant annual flowerpots around your patio or front entryway? We can set up a micro-drip zone, so they never dry out, and you’ll never have to think about watering them!

Our Night Rain Irrigation Team can set up a new system for you today.