Backyard Fruit Trees

Backyard Apple Tree

I remember going to an Apple Orchard when I about 6 Years old and picking lots of apples. If you have room in your yard you can grow your own apples and pears.

In New England, there are many fruit trees to choose from. The ones that do the best are Apples and Pears.

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Apple Trees

There are many varieties of Apples to choose from, some provide a tart fruit good for baking or sweet fruit that is good for eating. Although some Apple trees are self-pollinating, most trees do best when planted with other fruit trees.

Trees may be available in regular, dwarf and semi-dwarf varieties. Consider the space available for your tree. Regular trees may grow taller than 20 feet, semi-dwarfs grow to about 20 feet in height and dwarf varieties are usually less than 10 feet.

Some Apple Trees that do well in New England:

  • MacIntosh
  • Red Delicious
  • Granny Smith

Pear Trees

Most European pear trees do very well in New England. Some Asian pears may do alright, but are not as cold tolerant. Pear Trees may be available in Regular, semi-dwarf, and dwarf and should be selected based on the amount of space you have.

Pear Trees that do well in New England.

  • Bartlett
  • Harrow Sweet
  • Seckel

Both Apples and Pears should be planted in direct sun, they preferred areas that are well drained.

A good apple or pear tree will last years and provide more fruit than you can use. There are various ways to preserve the fruit such as canning it, making jellies and lots of delicious pies.

If you are thinking of planting Apples or Pears contact the Tree experts at Elf’s Landscaping and we can make a plan so you have delicious fruit right in your backyard.