Weed Free Landscaping

Weeds make us insane! We stress over them, plot to kill them, burn them, poison them, pull at them, dig them out, weedwack them, curse them, and still they come back.

If you’re looking for landscaping services in New Hampshire, contact the experts at Elf’s Landscaping today! Based in Rochester New Hampshire we service the surrounding communities of Portsmouth, Dover, Somersworth, Newington, Exeter, Durham, Berwick Maine, and Kittery Maine.

In nature it is unusual to find areas completely free of vegetation. Our man made landscaping often tries to create areas where there is no vegetation and nature usually doesn’t want to cooperate. These open spaces are what weeds love!Top_view_of_a_dandelion
If we take a different approach by creating a landscape that works more like nature we can get less weeds. By planting plants that crowd out the weeds and creating an environment that less friendly to weeds we can significantly reduce the need to get rid of them.
At Elf’s Landscaping we can design a landscape that mimics nature and eliminates the open spaces that weeds love to fill. By planting more plants and using ground cover we can eliminate almost all weeding. This means more time for you to enjoy your garden.

If you’re in need of landscaping assistance and controlling your weeds, contact the Portsmouth New Hampshire landscaping experts at Elf’s Landscaping today! With over 3 decades of experience running and maintaining our own nursery, we can help make sure your yard is set up to be the beautiful space you want.

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