Firepit and Fireplace Ideas

Fire Pit with Patio Pavers


Don’t stop enjoying your patio just because it’s getting cooler! Adding a fire pit or fireplace to your patio or deck, you can have a great space that will be perfect for all seasons. When adding a new fireplace to your patio, deciding on the size can be a complicated task. You don’t want to go so big that your space is limited, but you don’t want it to be so small that you’re not warm. Fortunately, you have the landscaping experts at Elf’s Landscaping here to help!

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Outdoor Fireplace Sizes

Your outdoor fireplace can be almost any size you want as long as it fits within the physical space. Whether you want a small, compact outdoor fireplace or a massive one that exceeds 10 feet, Elf’s Landscaping has you covered! When choosing the size of your outdoor fireplace, here are a few questions you should ask yourself
How big is your patio? Your outdoor fireplace should fit the general size of your patio. If it’s too big, you’ll have to expand your patio size to make it fit, which could be costly!
What type of fireplace do you want? Do you want a long chimney? Do you want your fireplace to burn wood or burn gas? These are essential questions that will influence the size of your outdoor fireplace. Wood burning fireplaces require chimneys and, therefore, will be bigger.

What’s surrounding your patio? Balance is essential to good yard design. Take in your surroundings and decide if a large fireplace will look out-of-place in your yard.

Is an Outdoor Fireplace Best for Your Yard?

Still having a hard time deciding what size outdoor fireplace to install? Maybe an outdoor fireplace isn’t best for your patio at all! Elf’s Landscaping also can install a fire pit. A fire pit can provide plenty of heat without taking up the space that an outdoor fireplace requires. Plus, certain fire pits can be used on decks, which means you don’t need a patio to enjoy your outdoor area all year! Elf’s Landscaping offers fire pits in the following styles:

  • Brick fire pits. These can be built into a patio, complete with gas lines, for a completely contained space for your patio.
  • Cauldron-style fire pits. These are perfect for a deck. A cauldron fire pit, as long as it’s far enough away from your home and doesn’t burn wood, can make your deck space usable all year.

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If you’re in need of landscaping assistance installing a fireplace or fire pit, contact the New Hampshire landscaping experts at Elf’s Landscaping today! With over 3 decades of experience running and maintaining our own nursery, we can help make sure your lawn is set up to be the beautiful space you want once it gets warm again.