Landscaping to protect your homes foundation

Protect you homes fountain with landscaping techniques

Ever notice that ugly splash-back of soil that stains the foundation of your home?

Ever notice rotted trim, sills, or window frames along the foundation of your house?

Ever have issues with termites or carpenter ants?

Ever get water seepage through your basement?

These problems are all the result of moisture retention at the base of your home.
Compost, mulch and thick plantings allow moisture to collect water like a damp sponge against your house.

Your home is likely your largest investment and asset. Taking steps to prevent moisture collection around the bases of your house is a simple solution that costs a lot less than fixing the problems created by the moisture.

Fire Hazard

Having mulch at the base of your home can be a fire hazard. Mulch is flammable and can provide a fuel source for wildfires that may approach you home. Some communities have banned mulching up to the house fountain and require the mulch to stop 1 – 2 feet from the home and only non flammable material may be in contact with the house foundation.

Drip edges are a great way to keep the foundation safe.

Creating a barrier of crushed stone around the house will eliminate the collection of moisture, it is not flammable, discourages insects and will help move water away from the basement wall. This doesn’t mean you have to give up mulch, shrubs or perennials at your foundation. Just give the house a little breathing room with a neat stone edge. We like to install them with edging to keep the stone in a crisp line and to keep a maintenance line between garden and stone.

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Landscaping to protect your homes foundation