Elf’s Country Store Website Updated

Looking for a gift or to treat yourself? We just went through our country store website and updated all our products! There is a great selection of alpaca products to choose from that are good for every season. Most of our products our made from our very own fleece we harvest from our animals at […]

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Hosta Sale (Extended!)

Hosta Sale     7/3 through 7/12 $3.00 off original price Following is a list of the varieties we have in stock Earth Angel Tambourine Liberty Afterglow Sum and Substance Elegans Blue Angel Hyacinthina Wheaten Blue Humpback Whale Moon Split Golden Tiara Cool as Cucumber Guacamole Strip Tease Fragrant Dream Stained Glass Big Daddy Loyalist Beach […]

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Culverts, Drains, & Gutters Why its Impotent to Keep Them Clear

With heavy rain foretasted all over the Northeast in the coming weeks it is very important to make sure any culverts, drains, and gutters on your property are cleared properly. Culverts that go unchecked can and will build up debris to the point of complete blockage. This will cause water to flow around and/or over […]

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Flowers Are Blooming!

The Garden Center is alive with color and it’s only going to get better! We currently have many varieties of plants reaching beautiful blooms. This gives new gardeners the perfect opportunity to see what certain plants look like to help them make decisions on what they want to work with. It’s also great because there […]

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Green House Update

We currently have a great selection of Proven Winner Annuals and Summer Hangers here at the greenhouse on Walnut St. We are getting a delivery from Pleasant View today as well.  If are are uncomfortable with coming into the Garden Center we are offering call ahead curb side pickup. We are looking forward to seeing […]

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7 Steps for a Healthy Lawn

Healthy Lawn

As the warmer weather is approaching its time to start thinking about the proper techniques in maintaining a healthy and luscious green lawn. Here are 7 Steps for a Healthy Lawn. The first step to be thinking about is dethatching your lawn in the early spring. Dethatching your lawn refers to the mechanical removal of […]

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Selecting shrubs for your yard

Selecting Shrubs for you yard.

Selecting Shrubs can make a yard welcome and comfortable.  Shrubs create a nice transition from grass or forest. This shrub buffer zone can attract wildlife and block unwanted eyesores such as cooling equipment, swimming pool filter, trash cans, and utility meters. There has been a renewed attention on Native North American Shrubs over the last few […]

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Planting a tree

Planting a Tree - Red Maple Tree

Planting a tree can be a satisfying experience. Trees can take a few years to grow so you will get see the tree grow to its full size. There are several options for purchasing a tree. This blog post describes how to plant a tree from a container. Research and pick a tree based on […]

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