7 Steps for a Healthy Lawn

Healthy Lawn

As the warmer weather is approaching its time to start thinking about the proper techniques in maintaining a healthy and luscious green lawn. Here are 7 Steps for a Healthy Lawn. The first step to be thinking about is dethatching your lawn in the early spring. Dethatching your lawn refers to the mechanical removal of […]

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Selecting shrubs for your yard

Selecting Shrubs for you yard.

Selecting Shrubs can make a yard welcome and comfortable.  Shrubs create a nice transition from grass or forest. This shrub buffer zone can attract wildlife and block unwanted eyesores such as cooling equipment, swimming pool filter, trash cans, and utility meters. There has been a renewed attention on Native North American Shrubs over the last few […]

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Planting a tree

Planting a Tree - Red Maple Tree

Planting a tree can be a satisfying experience. Trees can take a few years to grow so you will get see the tree grow to its full size. There are several options for purchasing a tree. This blog post describes how to plant a tree from a container. Research and pick a tree based on […]

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Waking up your lawn

From Yard wit

Spring is coming… Well, it should be here soon!   Right now, your grass is dormant waiting for the spring weather to wake it up. When it warms up, your lawn will start to grow again and with three simple steps, you can make it greener than ever. Step 1 – Spread lime on your […]

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Proper Tree Mulching

Proper Tree Mulch

Proper Tree Mulching around trees is one of the most beneficial practices a homeowner can use for better tree health. So what is mulch?   Mulches are materials placed on top of the soil to keep moisture in and improve soil conditions.  However improper mulching materials and deployment may have little or even negative impact […]

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Backyard Fruit Trees

Backyard Apple Tree

I remember going to an Apple Orchard when I about 6 Years old and picking lots of apples. If you have room in your yard you can grow your own apples and pears. In New England, there are many fruit trees to choose from. The ones that do the best are Apples and Pears. If […]

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Weed Free Landscaping

Weed Free Landscaping

Weeds make us insane! We stress over them, plot to kill them, burn them, poison them, pull at them, dig them out, trim them, curse them, and still they come back. If you’re looking for landscaping services in New Hampshire, contact the experts at Elf’s Landscaping today! Based in Rochester New Hampshire we service the surrounding […]

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Fence and Wall Landscape Ideas

Fence and Wall landscape ideas

“good fences make good neighbors.” – Robert Frost In Robert Frost’s poem “Mending Wall” he really was referring to the fact that fences were good when they kept cows in. If you’re looking for landscaping services in New Hampshire, contact the experts at Elf’s Landscaping today! We service the entire seacoast area (Portsmouth, Dover, Exeter, […]

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Firepit and Fireplace Ideas

Fire Pit with Patio Pavers

  Don’t stop enjoying your patio just because it’s getting cooler! Adding a fire pit or fireplace to your patio or deck, you can have a great space that will be perfect for all seasons. When adding a new fireplace to your patio, deciding on the size can be a complicated task. You don’t want […]

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Landscaping to protect your homes foundation

Protect you homes fountain with landscaping techniques

Ever notice that ugly splash-back of soil that stains the foundation of your home? Ever notice rotted trim, sills, or window frames along the foundation of your house? Ever have issues with termites or carpenter ants? Ever get water seepage through your basement? These problems are all the result of moisture retention at the base […]

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