Planting a tree

Planting a Tree - Red Maple Tree

Planting a tree can be a satisfying experience. Trees can take a few years to grow so you will get see the tree grow to its full size. There are several options for purchasing a tree. This blog post describes how to plant a tree from a container.

Research and pick a tree based on the location

You should research the type of tree you want to plant. Different trees have different requirements. Here is a list of things to keep in mind before purchasing your tree.

  • The size of the tree may be important if you have a small area in your yard.
  • The height of the tree, it may create shade in a different place in your yard.
  • Water on the ground? Some trees do not like to have water standing around them.
  • Does the type of tree require full sun, filter sunlight or shade?
    Is the soil rocky or sandy?

Purchase a Tree

We recommend purchasing a tree from a local nursery (like Elf’s Garden Center), you will get a higher quality tree than at a big box retailer. Most big box retailer purchases lots of trees in bulk and doesn’t care much about quality. Before purchasing, inspect the tree’s container, make sure the roots are not trying to get out the bottom or top. A tree with roots bound up in the container may not thrive after you plant them in the ground. Trees like this have grown too big for the container they are in, and the roots may be twisted up enough to keep them from spreading out after planting.

Steps to plant a tree

  1. Where the tree will be planted, loosen the soil three feet all around.
  2. Unpot the tree by turning it upside down in the container and removing the tree with its root ball.
  3. Place the tree in the hole. Be sure to keep the tree at the same ground level as the ground level of the container
  4. filled dirt should be pressed firmly enough around the tree to remove air gaps.
  5. Mulch and water the tree. The mulch should spread out 3 feet around the tree. Keep the tree watered every 5-7 days for the first year after planting it. The mulch will help keep the soil moistened around the tree.

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