Waking up your lawn

Spring is coming… Well, it should be here soon!

A front yard lawn with shrubs and annuals flowers

Right now, your grass is dormant waiting for the spring weather to wake it up. When it warms up, your lawn will start to grow again and with three simple steps you can make it greener than ever.

Step 1 – Spread lime on your lawn

Get out your spreader and spread some lime on your lawn. Use a lime that is finely ground. Finely ground lime is absorbed by your lawn better. If you’re not sure that your lawn needs lime, you can purchase a soil test kit. The soil test kit will tell you if you soil is acidic and you need to spread lime on your lawn.

Step 2 – Apply a pre-emergent herbicide

Use a pre-emergent herbicide to keep weeds from germinating unless you are overseeding your existing lawn. If you are overseeding, you will want to do spread your seed and let it germinate prior to applying the pre-emergent herbicide. There are some organic options that work well like corn gluten.

Step 3 Apply fertilizer

Use a fertilizer that has a time release formula that will supply your lawn with nitrogen over the next few weeks. Nitrogen is the most important nutrient that grass needs as it wakes up after being dormant for the winter months.

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